The Rooted Folk Summer Seasonal Zine- 2023


Please note: this listing includes two options: a digital collection or a printed zine.  Please choose the option that best suits your needs.  Zines will begin shipping July 23rd.  If you choose digital, you will be emailed a link to your digital downloads.  Please go to your email and download the PDF to your computer.  You will need a program such as Preview or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (free) to open your PDF.  No physical items will be shipped to you and you will not receive a google drive folder.

PRINTED OPTION:  We are thrilled to now be offering printed copies of our collections!  If you purchase through us, you'll also receive a favorite seasonal teabag, a lovely postcard to display, and a little note written inside the zine!  

Here is a list of the wonderfully summer-y things you'll find in this edition of The Rooted Folk.  Embrace the summer season as we navigate a simpler, rooted life.



  • "The Importance of Seasonal Living in the Summer"
  • "Fireflies: A Story about the Magic of the Moment"
  • "Savoring the Wonder of Summer Days with Children"


  • "Bountiful Berries: A Seasonal Harvest of Delightful Recipes"
  • "Making Homemade Ice Cream with Summer Berries"
  • Unleashing Creativity: Making Berry Ink for Children's Artistic Adventures"
  • "Berry Sun Tea"


  • "Embracing the Radiant Sun: Hosting a Memorable Summer Solstice Cookout and Bonfire"


  • "Nurturing Nasturtiums: Growing & Using the Versatile Garden Flower"
  • "Preserving Your Harvest: A Guide to Saving Garden Seeds"
  • "Naturally Defending Your Garden: Squashing Squash Bugs The Eco-Friendly Way"

 __ IN THE HOME __

  • "Herbal Hair Rinses"
  • "The Gentle Art of Air Drying: A Summer Guide to Drying Clothes"
  • "Curating a Capsule Wardrobe: Simplify your Style, Elevate your Life"
  • "Naturally Fresh: Creating Your Own Herbal Mouthwash for a Healthy Smile"
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