About Us

Since 2020, we've been on a journey as a family. We started the Simple Living Collective to pull together an effort toward a slow, simple, seasonal life. We needed community, and oh did we find it. We published collections, shared treasured stories, and even formed our very own Village online.

Little did we know... it was just the beginning.

It has been our greatest wish for this space to evolve over time.

So, we're taking the step. A new name, a refreshed vision, and a reinvigorated sense of purpose for this beautiful community we've been blessed with.

As The Rooted Folk, we're setting out for a simpler life. In the city, in the suburbs, in rural areas with acres of land - wherever you are - we invite you to join us in doing the same. This is the path of independence and resilience. The path of small changes, of holistic living, of reconnecting to our roots with all the tools already in our possession, right where we're at. 

Our paths will look different, but our hearts the same.

We'll bridge the disconnect between the past and the present - between the tried-and-true practices treasured by generations passed and the consumerist imperatives our modern world so easily steep us in today. We'll navigate the ups and downs. Together.

There’s a lot more to come, including our new digital publication, "The Rooted Folk", which I can't wait to share. Here's to taking the road less traveled and continuing to write our stories.