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There are so many resources out there on homesteading; but what if you don't have a lot of land, a neighbor with a milk cow, and an old barn filled with hay? What if you, like so many others, have a small backyard (or none at all?) Let's take action to live the rooted life, even if we are in the city or suburbs.

This publication is for you. No milk cow necessary.

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What's Inside?

Take a peek at the articles included in our spring 2023 issue!

Small-Space Suburban Gardening

by Barbara Cloutier

The Importance of Planting Native

by Kristine Clay

Starting Seeds in Egg Shells

by Kaela Anderson

Weeds" You Should Actually Grow

by Kaela Anderson

4 Ways to Love Stinging Nettles

by Bridget Von Markgraf

Storing & Organizing Seeds

by Lindsey Wondolleck

Dandelion "Coffee"

by Ashley Moore

Dandelion Vinaigrette

by Kristine Clay

Dandelion Jelly

by Kaela Anderson

Pickling Dandelion Flowers

by Emma Jean Rollin Moore

Dandelion Fritters

by Emma Jean Rollin Moore

A Foraged Salad in Early Springtime

by Barbara Cloutier

Decadent Carrot Cake

by Angelina Mueller

Rendering Lard

by Barbara Cloutier

The Versatile Chive

by Barbara Cloutier

Building a Homestead from the Ground Up

by Rebecca McBride

Setting Up a Home Composting System

by Emily Elliott

Homestead Myths

by Kristine Clay

Simple Living Imposter Syndrome

by Paige Hawk Dormann

Chickweed Wound Wash

Ashley Moore

Setting Up a Day: Breathwork & Intention

by Emma Jean Rollin Moore

Naturally Say No to Ticks & Mosquitoes

by Allyson Speake

Simplifying Spring

by Angelina Mueller

DIY Herbal Cleaning Sprays

by Kristine Clay

Building Community by Trade Exchange

by Kasey Lawson

No-Stitch Storytelling Apron

by Franziska Shelton

Spring Foraging Eggs

by Franziska Shelton

Knitted Dishcloths

by Chenoa Pelligra

Felted Pots, Bowls, and Other Vessels

by Chenoa Pelligra

The Yearbook

Seasonal wisdom, recipes, and other tips for a simpler home.

Creating a Memorable Secondhand Christmas

In one of the Facebook groups I’m in for December babies, someone recently asked what our Christmas budget was for our kids. I saw a lot of numbers – ranging...

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Turn Your Must-Do Moments into Special Moments

Sometimes it can feel like we are so rushed in life that we just move from one "must-do activity" to another "must-do activity", typically rushing through them to just to...

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Why You Should Eat (And Grow!) More Garlic

Learn how garlic can benefit your family by adding more than just flavor to meals!  Here are some time-tested recipes and remedies to help you add garlic into your daily...

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Meet the Creator.

Hi, I'm Allyson. I live on a 1/2 acre in the suburbs with my husband, two children (aka: the sprouts), our family dog (Maple), and a colony of chickens. We've lost count of how many!

Our family is on a journey to reclaim a simpler life. Join us as we venture down the path of independence and resilience, uncovering the tried-and-true practices of generations passed.

Our paths will look different, but our hearts the same. Together we are... The Rooted Folk.