Autumn 2022: Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make Do, or Do Without


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As soon as you complete the checkout process, you will be emailed a link to your digital downloads.  Please go to your email and download the PDF with access to your materials to your computer.  

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Here is a list of the wonderfully autumn-y things you'll find in this special edition of the Simple Living Collective aptly titled "use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without".


1.  Creamy Vegetable Soup by Angelina Mueller
2.  Travel Back in Time with These 7 Vintage Pies by Kaela Anderson
3.  Host a Clothing Swap by Allyson Speake
4.  Simpler Cleaning: Streamline Your Routine by Rachael McKennon
5.  An Introduction to Seed Saving by Lauren Hewitt
6.  Budget-Friendly Autumn Bucket List by The Collective
7.  Simple Fall Facial Toners by Kristine Clay

8.  Vegan Apple Galette by Rosemary Elder
9.  Olive Oil & Apple Spice Cake by Danielle Michaan
10.  Applesauce: More Than Just a Snack by Kathie N. Lapcevic
11.  Celebrating the Autumn Apple Harvest by Ashley Moore

12.  Making Use of Kitchen Scraps by Tessa Hollmann
13.  Healthy Homemade Soda by Hayley Pastori
14.  Meet Kaela Anderson of Nuthatch Hills Homestead: featured interview
15.  A Simple Laundry Soap by Kaela Anderson & Allyson Speake
16.  Whimsical Needle-Felted Birthday Crown by Molly Pratt
17.  Simple Herbal Gifting Guide by Danielle Galvin
18.  Saving the Bees... Wax by Marina Unger
19.  Observing Autumn's Moths & Butterflies by Megan Brown
20.  Root-to-Stem Cooking with Autumnal Vegetables by Jen Chillingsworth

21.  Creative Felting to Hide Stains by Chenoa Pelligra
22.  Embracing Imperfections by Emily Morrow
23.  Creating & Dehydrating Sourdough Starters by Roxanne Ahern
24.  Autumn Pumpkin Bread by Anoushcka Vandenbosch
25.  The Beauty of an Unplanned Garden by Hannah Marcotti
26.  Garden Scrap Stock: A Family Recipe by Jennifer Buczek
27.  Cozy Fall Lattes at Home by Chelsea Colbath
28.  Turning Porridge to Tasty Bread Buns by Emma-Lisa McGhee
29.  A Budget-Friendly Halloween by Franziska Shelton
30.  Managing Rising Food Prices with Dietary Restrictions by Bethanyanne Howard
31.  Preserving the Fruits of Fall by Emily Elliot
32.  Knitted Pumpkins & Jack-o-Lanterns by Nicole Spring

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